A Little Bit About Me!

Sarah - Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee

Hello, fellow page-turners! My name is Sarah.

I’m beyond excited to curate and run the Like A Warm Cup of Coffee website. Here’s a fun tidbit for you – I share the same name as the previous owner!

Whether it’s destiny, coincidence, or a sprinkling of book fairy dust, the universe has clearly brought me here for a reason, and I can’t wait to embark on this literary journey with you all!

A little about me – when I’m not reading or daydreaming about my next literary escape, you’ll find me cuddled up with my adorable cat, Mr. Spot while experimenting with coffee recipes and picking out new mugs.

Yes, my love for coffee is just as strong as my love for books. I also have a soft spot for stationery, which means I can never resist a beautiful journal or a set of colorful pens!

Just like a warm cup of coffee, I believe that books have a special power to comfort, inspire, and transport us to new worlds. And that’s exactly what I want to do here – revive Like A Warm Cup of Coffee into a cozy corner of the internet where women and book lovers can gather to find the latest must-reads and share their love for all things literature.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you find insightful reviews and carefully curated book recommendations, but you’ll also stumble upon (and hopefully enjoy) my witty musings and quirky commentary.

Because let’s be honest, life’s too short to take ourselves too seriously, right?

So, grab your favorite mug, fill it with steaming coffee, and snuggle into your reading nook. Together, we’ll explore new literary worlds, revisit beloved classics, and uncover hidden gems. And who knows? We might even stumble upon our next favorite book together.

Why You Can Trust Me With Book Reviews

I know what you’re thinking – “Why should I trust Sarah with my precious reading time?” Great question!

Let me give you a peek behind the curtain and share a bit about my credentials, my personal touch, and the oh-so-thorough process I follow when reviewing books. This way, you’ll feel confident in the recommendations you find here, knowing that they come from someone who truly knows and loves the literary world.

My Bookish Background: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.

Think of me as a literary superheroine – armed with the knowledge and skills to dive deep into books and analyze them from every angle.

Plus, as a lifelong, borderline-obsessive reader, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on books through various online platforms for years. Trust me, I’ve got a nose for sniffing out what makes a book truly special!

How I Approach The Book Research Process

Step 1: Personal Fact-Checking: Before I even think about recommending a book, I always do my homework. I channel my inner Sherlock Holmes to conduct thorough research, confirm the accuracy of facts, claims, or historical context, and cross-reference with reliable sources.

If necessary, I’ll consult experts to ensure the books I suggest are not only page-turners but also factually accurate.

Step 2: Checking for Awards and Recognitions: While I’d love to think my opinion is the be-all and end-all, I know that a book’s merit shouldn’t rely solely on my personal thoughts.

That’s why I also check for any awards, recognitions, or accolades a book has received. This helps me identify books that have been acknowledged by literary experts and organizations for their excellence – so you know you’re in good hands!

Step 3: Gathering Comments and Scores from the Reading Community: To give you a well-rounded perspective, I take my search far and wide, considering the opinions of other readers from all over the internet.

I scour various platforms like book blogs, social media, and online bookstores to gather comments and scores from the reading community.

By painting a fuller picture of a book’s reception, I ensure that the recommendations I provide are based on diverse viewpoints.

If you wish to find out more about the whole research process and a detailed explanation of book scores, read the full breakdown here:

Full Book Review Guidelines

So, there you have it! When you read a book review or recommendation on Like A Warm Cup of Coffee, you can trust that it comes from a place of passion, expertise, and careful consideration.

My goal is to give you reliable information and well-considered opinions so you can make informed decisions about the books you choose to read.

I hope this gives you the confidence to trust my book reviews and recommendations. Let’s embark on this literary adventure together and discover new gems along the way!

Yours bookishly,